You Won’t Believe The SICK Thing Liberals Are Doing To ‘Protest’ Trump


Liberalism is a mental disease. I present to you exhibit “A.”

A growing movement of liberals have decided to protest Donald Trump’s “racism and collusion with Russia” in the most disgusting yet appropriate manner possible – by defacing the American flag.

“I don’t care what you do, burn them shit on them, drench them in piss, rip them to shreds, wipe your ass with them,” Virginia Democratic chairwoman Stacy Greenblatt said in an email to friends and colleagues. “Post the photos on social media and encourage others to do the same.”

Donald Trump has destroyed what it means to be an American,” Greenblatt says. She posted a now-deleted photo of herself urinating on an American flag:

Others responded to the call. Ferguson resident Robin Blacksworth, a Black Lives Matter activist and “chicken chef” at Bojangles according to her Facebook profile, posted a photo of herself wiping her behind with the flag:

So did her boyfriend, Maryland NAACP co-chairman Robert Darkman:

One woman, a self-describe “soccer mom from the suburbs of Rhode Island, took things a step further and posted a photo of herself urinating on a photo of Trump in public. Cherri Babel was forced to take down all her social media after her friends and family jumped on her for posting this horrible photo:

The hate liberals have for our President is nauseating. Maybe these idiots should get jobs and be productive members of society instead of attacking our President like this.

UPDATE: Blacksworth has been fired from her job at the chicken restaurant, with management apologizing after the photos surfaced.

“We deeply regret employing someone who so willingly shares this kind of hate on social media,” Bojangles CEO Mark Rayburn said in a statement. “She is no longer with the company and, judging by the photos, she won’t be with any company anytime soon.”