[WATCH VIDEO] Anonymous Exposes A Long List Of Antifa Members… And There Are A LOT Of School Teachers

Although Antifa has been around for a while, they have just recently started displaying violence during protests. They wear black masks to keep themselves anonymous, which is also a fairly new tactic.

However, the Internet advocacy group Anonymous has revealed these criminals faces and the list has been posted on 8chan. If you can believe it, most of the members of this radical terrorist group happen to be people that work in education such as professors, administrators, and teachers. Some are even members of the National Bolshevik Party.

Antifa must be stopped because they are not helping in any way, they are only escalating the fear and hate. For example, during a recent rally in Berkeley called “No Marxism in America” organized by alt-right activists, Antifa showed up and were ready to fight.

Al Letson, a reporter from Jacksonville, Florida saw an alt-right protester on the ground being beaten, so he jumped in and tried to shield the man with his own body. Letson stated, “I thought they were going to kill him, and I didn’t want anyone to die.” The Florida reporter even admits that he does not agree with the protester’s views that was being beaten, however, he was not going to let this man die, especially at the hands of Antifa.


Take a look at the video below:

This is truly shocking.

Should they investigate each member of the list?