[VIDEO] “Hilarious” Stephen Colbert Attacks Trump With A Nazi Salute On His Show, What Follows Is Even Worse

Hollywood has always been known for their extreme liberalism especially recently with everything that has been going on. Stephen Colbert has taken to bashing President Donald Trump on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Stephen Colbert said, “As so many things happened, I really missed the chance to talk about some big stuff—especially the exit of White House strategist (and Proactiv ‘before’ model) Steve Bannon.”

Colbert proceeded, “Technically, I guess, Bannon wasn’t fired because on the day he left the administration issued a statement that said, ‘White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day.’ Yes, it was a ‘mutual agreement.’ The same way my college girlfriend and I ‘mutually agreed’ that she’d be happier having sex with Gary.”

“Yeah he’s definitely taking it up to a higher level.” Then he raised his arm in a Nazi salute and stated, “And over here [and] somewhere up there.”

Take a look at the video below:

Typical . . . Colbert would come back from a two week break with nothing else to talk about besides the president. He criticized everything from Donald Trump’s relationship with his daughter to how his response to Hurricane Harvey. The real attack, however, was directed towards Steve Bannon leaving the Trump Administration.

Stephen Colbert has given President Donald Trump so much credit for things that have happened in his life including his weight gain. In an interview with InStyle Magazine, Colbert expressed, “I think I’ve gained 15 pounds since Donald Trump became president. I drank a lot of bourbon onscreen. We didn’t know what to do.” Then the host complimented the president stating, “It takes a lot of mental provender to come up with something truly dumb, which is why I think Donald Trump must be a genius.”

He even went so far to say that President Donald Trump is a dictator, take a look:

What a POS for a human being.

Should Stephen Colbert be taken off air?