[VIDEO] Donald Glover Thanks Trump At Emmy’s Speech, Then Delivers A Huge Racial Blow


I want to thank Trump for making black people No. 1 on the most oppressed list, he’s the reason I’m probably up here,” Donald Glover stated in his acceptance speech during the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Glover won an Emmy for the incredible work that he has done on the FX series “Atlanta” as well as another Emmy for being a lead actor in a comedy.

Aren’t the Emmy’s meant for celebrating television programming from films to television, so why are they choosing to bash our president during this type of event? It is uncalled for and very unprofessional.

The host, Stephen Colbert, even took up the entire first four minutes to rant about how much he hates President Donald Trump . . . the whole world knows by now and we are tired of hearing it.

Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda even took the stage and had a few choice words to describe our president like “sexist,” “egotistical,” “lying,” and “hypocritical bigot.”

All of these supposed stars are discrediting themselves and proving just how untalented they really are.

Are you sick and tired of the race card always being put out?

Take a look for yourself: