*URGENT UPDATE:* Democrats Finger Bernie Sanders, Not Trump, For Russian Election Interference

While the FBI, CIA, NSA and B-613 were all busy trying to tie the Russian interference in the 2016 election to President Trump, an unlikely advocate has arisen from the ashes with the proof needed to expose the real culprit: Bernie Sanders. That advocate is none other than the Democrat Party.

White House OIP Director Art Trubolls explains:

“Before Facebook released the information abou the ads placed by Russians on Facebook during the 2016 general election, they contacted the Democrats. They wanted them to know that their number 2 guy is as corrupt as they come. He and he alone is responsible for Hillary Clinton’s devastating social media loss.

The law enforcement involved have been notified that the Trump administration plans to file an injunction against any further investigation into the non-existent elction tampering they have been accused of.”

It seems the only thing more crooked than Hillary is Bernie. Not that it really mattered, considering Trump won by the biggest electoral landslide in history. Neither Sanders nor Clinton would have been able to deal with all that’s happened this year alone.

We’ll always be grateful to President Trump for being such a beacon for humanity in these trying times. We’re praying for you, President Trump!