Update: Reason For Hillary Clinton’s Arrest In Amsterdam Released

Amsterdam officials have finally released the reason for Hillary Clinton’s arrest their city over the weekend. As you may recall, Hillary and Bill were spotted leaving the city jail on Sunday and the failed presidential candidate looked like she had been through quite a ringer. Shortly after news broke of her arrest we contacted Police Chief Jacob Conspira and demanded answers. At the time the police chief said he was not allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation but now we finally know what happened thanks to a source within the department.

According to the source, who was afraid to be named because he feared retaliation by the Clinton machine, officers were dispatched to the red light district on Saturday night after Leanne Sphinxling, a wealthy socialite called the emergency line:

We received a very phone call from Mrs. Sphinxling and she was very upset. She told the dispatcher that Hillary Clinton attempted to drug her after she refused to participate in an orgy with the former American first lady and various donors for her 2020 presidential campaign. Fortunately for Mrs. Sphinxling, Mrs. Clinton isn’t very bright and accidentally drank the beverage that had the roofies in it. When police officers arrived, Mrs. Clinton was passed out without any clothes on in a pool of her own vomit. Officers hosed her off and took her into custody.

The officer explained that shortly after Clinton arrived at the station Bill Clinton showed up demanding his wife’s release. Amsterdam officers refused to release her until morning and that is when reporters spotted the Clinton’s leaving the station. The police officer explained that the investigation is ongoing but they “have not been able to locate Mrs. Sphinxling since Saturday night.”

We are praying that Mrs. Sphinxling surfaces so that Hillary can finally be locked up for good.