UPDATE: Dallas Cowboys Players Fined $5.3m For STOMPING On American Flag

Disturbing footage has surfaced from the Dallas Cowboys locker room during their October 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

It is unclear when the footage was taken (it appears to be before or after a game) , but several players are shown stomping on the American flag. Faces are not shown in the video, but according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the players have been identified. Fox News reports:

“The players seen in the video are Running Back Ezekiel Elliott, Quarterback Rayne Dakota Prescott, and Wide Receiver Dez Bryant,” Goodell said in a press conference Tuesday. “Other staffers have been identified and the appropriate actions have been taken.”

The video began making rounds on social media after the game, leading to a swift investigation.

“Players who took part in this attack on our flag have been fined $5.3 million each,” Goodell says.

It’s good to see the NFL take a strong stance with these flag-attacking race-baiting, police-hating “protesters” who are using their platform as athletes to attack the very military that allows them to have the freedom to attack the military.

Watch these trash human beings stomp on the flag below: