Tomi Lahren Is Pi$$ED: She Has Four EPIC Words For Liberals Who Want Gun Control


After the very recent Las Vegas massacre has left the nation in mourning. Not only has it done that but it didn’t take long for it to leave behind a very controversial political discussion, gun control, gun control, gun control.

Liberals seem to forget the fact that it is not legal gun owners who are the problem, it is  criminals and extremists who break the law by obtaining guns illegally and using them to kill people.


Tomi Lahren addressed this issue on an interview with Sean Hannity and Utterly DESTROYS gun control logic. Watch Her Epic Response:



BOOM! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Criminals with guns don’t care about the law or gun control. They will get guns regardless of what the law says and if you take away guns from law abiding citizens you will have less people who can defend themselves from attacks.

Look at the statistics of gun related attacks from these “gun free zones.” It is literally a safe space for criminals to attack “sitting ducks” who they know are completely unarmed.

Think about it for a second, put yourself in a criminals shoes for a moment. If i were a criminal, and i wouldn’t to do the most damage i possibly could… I would go somewhere where i know people are UNARMED. It’s common sense!

It’s a shame that the liberal left and the media don’t see or understand this! It is up to us to stand up for our constitutional rights to bare arms! Share this post out to Facebook and send it to three patriots if you support Tomi Lahren’s message! 

Thanks for reading and God Bless!