South Carolina Restaurant Is Refusing To Air Any Football Game Until Players Stop Kneeling

Allowing the NFL to continuously laugh in America’s face and take a knee during the National Anthem will simply not be tolerated anymore. Their blatant disrespect is causing fans to burn NFL merchandise including team jerseys, cancel NFL Season Ticket subscriptions, and ultimately boycott the rest of the season altogether.

A restaurant in South Carolina has had enough. They are refusing to air any football games until the players stop kneeling and learn how to act right. This particular restaurant is echoing what many Americans feel in their hearts. The owner of Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, South Carolina said in a statement that he will not show any games until the players start displaying some respect.

This restaurant is voicing the opinions of Americans all across the nation. How are these players allowed to show disrespect towards the country that has given them everything? Success, fame, and fortune? The only answer to that question is that we are not going to tolerate the disrespect anymore; it is not what America stands for, we never have and we never will. 

Should every restaurant boycott the NFL?