SHOCKING: People Arrested For Wrecking Confederate Statues All Share This One Thing


our arrests have been made in reference to the vandalism of a Confederate statue Monday night in Durham, North Carolina.

Takiyah Fatima Thompson, Dante Emmanuel Strobino, Ngoc Loan Tran, and Peter Hull Gilbert have all been arrested for dismantling a prominent Durham statue.

If found guilty, these four could be in for some serious fines:

However, the large fines may not be the only thing these four have in common; at least three of them happen to be members of the Communist Party. The protests were actually organized by the Communist Workers World Party, which the arrested foursome belong to.

The Communist Workers World Party is trying to create a socialist America, as reported by ABC News:

The Communist group has also called for the eradication of police and prisons:

The group also supports socialist Venezuela and Communist North Korea dictatorships proudly:

They also posted this at the time of Fidel Castro’s death, “Long live the Cuban Revolution! Socialism or death!”:

They didn’t stop there, the group also posted this comparing America to Hitler:

Leaders of the Workers World Party and Bashir al-Assad, Syrian dictator and war criminal, have met:

They also posted this of Israeli leader Ariel Sharon on his way into hell:

The group also supports cop killers such as Assata Shakur:

The fact is that the Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina was vandalized by a group that loves genocidal dictators and hates America, but good luck getting any of that on evening news.