SCANDAL Jason Statham has been caught kissing BEYONCE (MUST WATCH)

Jason Statham has been caught by paparazzi kissing BEYONCE. This is something that creates e news for the folk and anyone could be interested to click and view it. The one in this world that takes this news as a scandal could be Jason’s wife Rosie and we still do not know her reaction.

It is not the first time that Jason is caught by kissing other girls but all that he is doing is only his job as an actor and that should be understood by everyone. Maybe his wife Rosie could be shocked at the beginning but later she would know that too.

Jason has kissed almost all Hollywood female actors including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez etc

But the only romantic kiss that he has given is the one of Jason and his wife Rosie.

They got engaged earlier this year following a six year courtship.
And now, in a rare interview about her personal life, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 29, has described her handsome actor fiance Jason Statham, 49, as one of the ‘greatest influences’ in her life.