OUTRAGE: Judge Sides With Liberal School Board Who Just Canceled Columbus Day

Liberals have been attacking Confederate statues honoring Americans for their service in the War of Northern Aggression, but now that the media has lost interest they are moving on to a new target: the man who discovered America.

Christopher Columbus was a good Christian man who is ultimately responsible for America’s birth. Without his discovery, we would not be here. Unfortunately a liberal judge in Seattle disagrees.

On Wednesday, King County Judge Aponi Hiawatha-Bertrand sided with the local school board’s decision to cancel Columbus Day entirely. Students will be required to attend on October 9 while children in the rest of the country honor a great man.

The holiday will be replaced with an in-school activity honoring American Indians that will teach about Columbus’ “genocidal rampage through native lands.” This un-American display is becoming far too typical.

It’s almost like they’re asking for a civil war.