Man Whispers In Trump’s Ear, Makes Him Laugh Then Turns To Cameras: “This Man Has A Question!” About Obama

On Thursday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Florida to meet with the victims of Hurricane Irma, as well as emergency response crews.

The president went to an airport hangar initially to meet with members of the military and first responders, then he made his way to Fort Meyers, Florida where there was an emergency food and water distribution center.

As the president and the first lady were passing out supplies to members of the hurricane-ravaged community, everyone thanked them and took selfies.

Suddenly a man wearing a red New England Patriots shirt quietly asked Donald Trump a question, and the president let out a laugh saying, “This man has a question.”

The man turned around to face the cameras and asked quizzically, “Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

The Patriots fan turned around and indistinctly whispered something to our president. Trump then turned towards the camera once again and stated, “It was the best vote of his life.”

What a great question!

Is Trump a better President than Obama was?


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