Hours After Steelers LEFT During Anthem, Roethlisberger Did What Coach BEGGED Him Not To Do

There are a lot of angry Steelers fans out there right now. Videos all over the internet show people burning jerseys and hats and everything you can imagine. After all, the Steelers chose to leave the field entirely during the National Anthem to show “unity”.

Even their favorite quarterback Ben Roethlisberger joined their protest. However, it looks like what happened did not sit well with the QB and now he is doing EXACTLY what his coach begged him not to do.

Roethlisberger wrote on his site that he believes that NOBODY should kneel or stay in ‘the tunnel’ for the National Anthem and that he couldn’t even sleep that night know what he had done.

He went on to say he thinks protests in favor of equality and all that are fine, but the Anthem is a sign of respect for people who have lost life and limb for this nation and it is NOT the time for any protests.

Of course, there is no way Coach Mike Tomlin is gonna be happy about this. He reportedly was FURIOUS at player Villanueva, an Army Ranger, for defying him and standing on the field for the National Anthem.

If y’all think more NFL players should come out in favor of honoring our troops and country, then share this out and let them know what it means to us.