Hillary Mocks Melania Trump And Tells Her How To Do Her Job

e all remember when Hillary Clinton caught Bill Clinton checking out Melania Trump at the inauguration right? How could we forget?

If you missed it, take a look at the video below:

Recently Melania spoke in front of the UN about cyberbullying wearing a vibrant pink dress in honor of the anti-bullying campaign titled Pink Day.

FLOTUS mentioned that cyberbullying is a “major issue” and that she hopes to “do more.”

After Melania gave her speech, Hillary Clinton made the comment:

Oh, leave her alone Hillary! You have a lot more important things to be doing than criticizing First Lady Melania Trump when she is trying to improve the lives of high school students everywhere.

Clinton should stay low, especially after evidence has surfaced from their private email servers to Imran Awan who was held up in Dulles airport and eventually arrested for mishandling important White House documents before he could escape to Pakistan.

This might be the reason why Hillary Clinton is upset:

She clearly still can’t stand the fact that she loss.

Get over it already!

Should Hillary Clinton shut it and retire on a private island already?

Source :americannews.com