Fauxcahontas Claims Her Christian Faith Is “Deep And Authentic”, Gets Instantly Crushed

After visiting a historically black church in Atlanta last week, the Boston Globe is pronouncing the Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Christian Faith “deep and authentic.”

Rev. Miniard Culpepper met with the senator before every debate in her 2012 campaign “at her request.” He described Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a “praying woman . . . She believes in prayer.”

Victoria McGrane from the Globe describes Warren’s visit to Ebenezer Baptist Church, “It might have been just another political stop, a timely bit of outreach to the African-American voters who could be key should she run for president, but then Warren shifted her focus to Matthew 25:40 — and Jesus.”

However, commentators are calling her efforts “self-righteous” and “hypocritical.”