Chris Brown Reportedly Asking Friends If Rihanna Would Consider Taking Him Back

This again? Chris Brown reportedly wants to get back together with ex Rihanna, and he’s apparently not being quiet about it. The singer’s allegedly asking all their friends what she’s up to!

Rihanna, 29, has yet another ex-boyfriend trying to slide into her DMs! FirstDrake, 30, can’t stoplusting after her. He’s even repping her socks on Instagram. Now,Chris Brown, 28, is apparently sniffing around to see what she’s up to. He apparently wants to give their will-they won’t-they relationship another go, despite the fact it’s been firmlywon’t-theyfor years!

“Chris has always beenin love with Rihanna, and he’s now asking around and trying to find out if she would talk to him again,” a source toldLife & Style Magazine. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. Chris and Rihanna have a tumultuous history — and that’s an understatement. He recently opened up about the horrific fight that left Rihanna bruised and bloody in 2009, saying in his documentary,Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, that he “felt like a f**king monster.” Though the two are friendly and have moved on, it’s just not going to happen right now for Chris.

There’s a lot of odds against Chris right now if he legitimately wants to get back with Rihanna. First, her family isn’t about it. “If Rihanna ever spoke to Chris again, her family would lose it,” the source told Life & Style. Then there’s the fact that she’s in ahappy and very secure relationshipwith current boyfriendHassan Jameel! She’s said that Hassan treats her “like a princess” and they’re already talking marriage, according to a source who spoke to us EXCLUSIVELY.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Chris will ever have a shot at getting back together with Rihanna? Let us know!