Chelsea Handler Attacks Ben Carson, Saying He’s A “Black White Supremacist”


As if we already didn’t know what a nut job Chelsea Handler is after she cried on air when Hillary Clinton lost the election, now we have even more reason to think she is certifiably insane.

Handler made it her main objective to call out President Donald Trump’s Housing and Urban Development secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who happens to be African-American, “a black white supremacist.”

On the newest episode in her Netflix series, Handler discussed “black people who think white people are better than them.” She mentioned that world renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson is one of these people.

She even dug up a pathetic story from the “fake news” trenches that claimed Donald Trump’s father Fred Trump was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Fun fact, Donald Trump’s dad was arrested after a Klan rally in 1927, which means Donald Trump has racism in his genes.” She then made a dumb, crude joke regarding the Klan, saying that Donald likes ex-Grand Wizard David Duke “because he enjoys anything that might wizz on him,” Chelsea stated.



This is insane.
Should she be taken off air?