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Nancy Pelosi Tried To Attack Trump Today, Then Trump SHOT BACK With His Secret Weapon

Nancy Pelosi is getting embarrassing again. Look at what she told this reporter in the video below. Trump has had a very, very successful foreign trip. President Trump is winning, winning, winning and the Democrats are losing, losing, losing. You got to see this video below. Nancy Pelosi has complained that Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia is unusual and wasn’t even… Well.…

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Media Refuses To Report What Trump Just Did, You’ll Cry Tears Of Joy

Just weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has accomplished a remarkable amount. While the media and Hollywood have been busy bashing him, Trump has gone about his business making America again. So, what exactly, has he accomplished? Here’s a list of his major achievements, courtesy of Whitehouse.gov: Jump-starting Job Creation: President Trump is looking out for American workers that Washington…

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