BREAKING: ‘Unmasking’ Is The Least Of Susan Rice’s Worries After New Info Surfaces

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice is already the subject of multiple investigations into her “unmasking” of Trump campaign officials as she attempted to discredit him by selectively releasing information in an effort to make him look bad simply for talking  to people who happened to be from Russia at some point in his life. However, things just got a lot worse.

Recently, it was revealed that Rice lied about her role in the Obama masking scandal, but that wasn’t all she lied about.

The Blaze reports that “several of Susan Rice’s associates have turned on her, revealing that despite her claims to the contrary she made it very clear that the goal  in revealing American citizens’ private information was “to make sure that orange know-nothing never ends up President.”

That phrase is not speculation; it is a direct quote from an email she sent to some of her subordinates, one of whom sold her out by giving copies of that and other emails to investigators.

Another email tells her employees:

I don’t care if you have to make something up (that was a joke, but not really). I need you to find as much damaging information about Donald as you can and I will do the rest. H is counting on us.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, “H” lost the election by a landslide to the much better MAN.