BREAKING: Hugh Hefner Kept A Private Photo Album Of Democrats Who Came For ‘Sleepovers’ At The Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s attorney says he has instructions to release a photo album kept in the desk drawer of Hef himself. The album, which is said to hold pictures of Democrat playboys (pun intended) going back 50 years.

Those pictures include such famous people as all three Kennedy brothers, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and half his cabinet and at least a dozen current members of Congress. According to Hef’s lawyer:

“None of the pictures are vulgar. Hef despised vulgarity in public. Behind the scenes, though, these men spent many nights away from their wives while they were supposedly “working,” and while Hugh considered them friends, he considered history and the truth to be imperative to human evolution.”

Hefner died peacefully of natural causes yesterday at 91-years-old. The pictures are slated to be released in next month’s issue of Playboy.