BREAKING: Country Music Festival Shooter Was Muslim Who Just Came From Iran

Once again, our country was attacked by Muslims on Sunday in a horrific shooting in Mesquite, Nevada.

More than 50 people died and 200 were injured when a man began firing at the crowd during country star Jason Aldean’s set.

Muhammad al-Jazeera, 35, opened fire from the 45th floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. While liberals spent their time hoping and praying that the shooter was a white Christian, they were terribly, terribly wrong.

Al-Jazeera, who entered the United States under a work visa under Obama, fired a total of 450 rounds at the crowd of  the country music festival before he was eventually gunned down by police in his makeshift sniper perch.

ISIS, who called for a lone wolf attack on the Las Vegas Strip earlier this year, has since taken responsibility for the attack.

This is why we need guns. This is why people should arm and protect themselves. This is exactly what the Second Amendment is for.

A trained, law-abiding gun owner could have stopped al-Jazeera’s rampage, but  the city of Las Vegas is a gun-free zone, where people are not allowed to protect themselves from the enemies of America.

Had just one person in that crowd been armed, dozens of lives could have been saved.

But this is the America liberals want, one where Muslims are free to commit terror attacks whenever they want. That’s not my America, and I damn sure hope it’s not yours.