BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Is With Jesus Now, Passes Away After Vicious Assaul


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It’s a sad day for America. Patriot, former Fox News host, and truth-teller Bill O’Reilly was assaulted at the “Mother of All Rallies” on Saturday by a Black Lives Matter activist, leaving him hospitalized and in “critical condition” after the assault.

On Sunday as Darquis Spearman was arrested for attempted murder, the journalist’s healthtook a turn for the worse. At 12:26 P.M. EST, he was pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital.

The attack was brutal. Spearman reportedly leaped on O’Reilly from behind “like a wild animal” according  to witnesses, screaming racial slurs like “Cracker” and “Whitey” as he kneed, kicked, and punched the 68-year-old man.


According to D.C. police, Spearman’s charges will be upgraded to “murder.” Prosecutor Hirohito Hamazawa says that he will be seeking “the maximum penalty allowed by law.”

O’Reilly dedicated his life to providing us with news we can trust and believe, and donated millions each year to charity. His input in the world both as a journalist and as a person will be missed.

Thank you, Bill for everything you have done for us, and may your soul rest eternally.


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