BREAKING: Bill Approved, California Is Now Officially A “Sanctuary State”


It finally happened . . . the bill that was being disputed for quite some time was passed today.  The lower chamber approved the bill on Friday and the Senate did the same this morning. California is an official sanctuary state, the first one in the union.

This bill is specifically designed to forbid jail time to illegal immigrants for other reasons besides what they are being arrested for. If officials have arrested an illegal immigrant, they will still have to notify the federal government, however, this bill inhibits ICE a great deal.

Jeff Sessions, however, passed a bill less than a day before this bill was approved that withdrew all funding from sanctuary states. Who knows how long Sessions’ bill will even survive in Congress because there are many people and states that are dead set on challenging the president.

Yesterday, a federal judge refused Attorney General Jeff Sessions request to deny government assistance to Chicago and other sanctuary states.

It’s going to get ugly.
Should we cut off the government assistance in California?