Barack Obama’s Stylist Speaks Out: ‘What I Saw Will Forever Haunt My Nightmares’


For years, Barack Obama’s former classmates and associates have told us that he likes his lovers to have a penis. Not only did he have a “special friendship” with one of his male collegeprofessors and has had several reported gay relationships but he married someone whose own doctor says “she” is a man.

Now, Barack Obama’s personal stylist has spoken out about something he witnessed when he was working in the White House.

“What I saw will forever haunt my nightmares,” Rubio DesCartes told TheBlaze in an interview Thursday. DesCartes says that on July 8 2011, he went to do his job as normal, but when he found Barack Obama he wasn’t alone.

“He was naked with another man, a White House intern, in the Reagan Bedroom,” DesCartes says. “The President was bent over a dresser and the intern was, well, you can guess what was happening. When they heard me come in, they both jumped.”

Obama, he says, explained that they were wrestling and that in the culture of the intern, who was from Venezuela originally, nude wrestling is a common leisure activity. I checked, and it is not.”

This bombshell report is something that most of us expected, but we never thought we would have such clear and irrefutable confirmation.

We now know for sure: Barack Obama is a gay.