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TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Right Before NSA Leaker Got Arrested, Watch The SICK Thing She Got Caught Doing

The New York Post is reporting Reality Leigh Winner was arrested in Georgia today in connection with leaking the top secret document that reportedly shows how Russia tried to “hack” voting systems. But what Winner posted online just before her alleged crimes will make Trump’s jaw DROP! 

Winner allegedly posted on Twitter literally pledging support for the Iranian Government, calling Trump a fascist, and saying “being white is terrorism.”This is all while she had a SECURITY Clearance with the NSA and could handle top secret Government secrets. This is terrifying. Here’s what she allegedly posted on Twitter while working for the NSA: 

This shows us more than ever that Trump needs to DRAIN the Swamp. The fact that this Woman had a security clearance is terrifying. Winner has been formally charged with 18 U.S.C. Section 793(e) and could be sent to jail for 10 years.  SHARE on Facebook you want her charged with Treason!! (Continue Below)


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