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With ONE Question Ted Cruz Got Sally Yates To Give Up The Secret About Obama And His Refugees

Senator Ted Cruz caught NSA Director James Clapper and Attorney General Sally Yates for unmasking private citizens under the US government program.

During their arguing, Senator Ted Cruz asked Yates about her decision to block the Trump temporary refugee ban incoming from terrorist states. Yates said that president doesn’t not have the right to block refugees to America. Watch Ted Cruz get her.


Of course, Sally Yates and the Democrats said nothing about Barack Obama. They would never betray the party. They must never stray from the party.

Democrats are forgetting that Obama discovered that Al-Qaeda terrorists were living as refugees in Kentucky and because of that they blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the US for six months.


1. There were no protests in city streets across the United States.

2. Sally Yates did not disobey the President of the United States at the time. 

3. The left said nothing. They did nothing.

There was no problem when Obam did it. Sally Yates was US attorney in Georgia when it happened. She was promoted to Deputy Attorney General in 2015. (h/t ABC)

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