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On Sunday While Americans Slept, Look What Trump Just Sent The Terrorists In Afghanistan!

The head of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abdul Hasib was just killed in an operation on April 27 that was conducted jointly by U.S. Special Forces on the eastern side of Nangarhar, according to Afghan officials.

Hasib became the predecessor to Hafiz Saeed Khan who died in a U.S. drone strike and is believed to be one of the guys behind the March 8th attack on the main military hospital in Kabul.


President Trump will defeat ISIS.

“This successful joint operation is another important step in our relentless campaign to defeat ISIS-K in 2017,” the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson said in a statement from U.S. military.

You won’t’ see this on the mainstream media channels. They spend all day attacking Trump, but this is a big win. It was said that he ordered fighters to behead elders in front of their families and to kidnap women and girls in order to marry them to ISIS fighters.

This is a big win, y’all. Let’s send our troops a positive message for their hard work and sacrifice.

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2 thoughts on “On Sunday While Americans Slept, Look What Trump Just Sent The Terrorists In Afghanistan!

  1. Eh sì, per quanto il &#set0;cele822” si affanni a difendersi attacando, come una vipera calpestata, dimostra solo quanto sia attaccato al potere, da non poterne evidentemente farne a meno. E ha dimostrato abbondantemente quale sia il concetto di moralità, pubblica e privata, di certi cattolici in politica, soprattutto quelli che assurgono alle più alte cariche e pretendono addirittura di essere “memores Domini”….

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